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Half Hour Private Training Purchase required to enroll

Nutrition Session Starting at $150 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Assessment Free


Kettlebell Foundations Free

The Kettlebell Foundations workshop series takes the training principles of StrongFirst and blends them with the powerful movement system Original Strength.

By attending these workshops you will learn how to perform the basic patterns that will teach you the Kettlebell Big 6: the Swing, Turkish Get Up, Squat, Clean, Press and Snatch.

You will also learn drills and Original Strength Resets that will take your technique in the Big 6 to the next level.

These courses are either free or a small fee.

Our goal for the Kettlebell Foundation workshops is to spread the knowledge that will let more people in the area benefit from living a life full of physical and mental strength.

If you have any questions please email: Ric@fullforcept.com or Mari@fullforcept.com

Speciality Course - CPR/AED $35Purchase required to enroll

Nutrition Series: Macronutrients Free

Are you tired of endless dieting and being confused about what food you should be eating?

If you answered yes, then this Nutrition series workshop is for you.

Learn what the food you eat does to your body and start to understand what a flexible eating plan looks like for you.